Davids Computer Repairs

Davids Computer Repairs provides a range of computer or IT services available for all their customers.


  • New- upgrades- repairs- servicing
  • Data recovery from damaged drives or flash media
  • Virus, Trojan and Malware removal
  • Replacement laptop screens and chargers

Why choose Davids Computer Repairs?

  • No travel or call-out fee
  • Pensioner concessions
  • Experienced technician
  • Reasonable prices
  • All work guaranteed
  • Open 7 days

My Services

We invest a lot of time and money on our computing devices these days and receive a lot of benefit in time saving and convenience.  Staying in contact with friends, sharing our lives, shopping, banking, music, movies or getting work done has never been easier. Yet at the same time they can be frustrating if they are not working correctly and dangerous if not secure and maintained properly


Database Design

If you have a large complex spreadsheet keeping track of your critical data, chances are it really should be an MS Access database. Besides being quicker and easier to manage, enter data into and extract meaningful reports, you will save time and money and have less errors in the long run.


Office Automation

Office Automation if you are tired of doing the same old steps in your spreadsheets or other programs chances are those steps can be automated saving you time, money and your sanity.



Ever seen inside your PC? That fan you can hear inside is pushing warm air out of your PC so it does not overheat and cause damage to the components. Unfortunately in pushing the warm air out it sucks in a lot of dust and lint which collects around the internal electronics. If enough collects it can cause your PC to misbehave. It can also be a fire hazard.



The internet is great we can get our banking done and buy almost anything without leaving the house. But with this conveneance comes some risk. There are bad people on the internet trying to make money by stealing your personal details or worse holding your valuable photos, documents and data to ransom. Reduce your risk! Ask me how!



The seven wonders of the world pale into insignificance against the wonder which is the internet. Is your internet experience all it could be? Is your internet slow or freezes at times? Do you have pesky messages popping up all the time? Let me make your internet experience faster and more secure.



Want your computer to play your favorite games better? Or just want your computer to run faster and be more responsive? A better video card, SSD upgrade and or more memory can make a huge difference depending on your current configuration. Ask me if this might be a cost effective solution for you.

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