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Fast, friendly, affordable solutions to your computer problems.
Repairs, tune-up, upgrades, security, networking and general advice. If its not fixed it’s free.
Ask me how I can make your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and TV all work better together.

Do you want or need a new PC? I can build a new custom PC for home, office or gaming!

My prices are competitive and include 12 month on site warranty. Full on site setup including internet, WiFi, printers, MS Office and data transfer! No work for you just sit down and get to work or start gaming.

Maybe you want to buy your own components and have your new PC professionally built and tuned to perfection for maximum performance! I can Help!


Did you get a new computer recently? I wish I could say you’re ready to go, but out of the box, no computer is perfect; Windows-based PCs especially need some adjustment before they’re ready for everyday use.


You need to make your new system safe and personalize it with your own preferences. There are programs on the drive to get rid of, and other software you should add immediately. If you haven’t yet been introduced to Windows, or it’s been a while since you’ve set up a new PC, we’ll walk you through it. If your new baby is a Mac, you’ve got a much shorter to-do list.




Davids Computer Repairs provides a range of computer or IT services available for all their customers.


  • New- upgrades- repairs- servicing
  • Data recovery from damaged drives or flash media
  • Virus, Trojan and Malware removal


Why choose Davids Computer Repairs?

  • No travel or call-out fee
  • Pensioner concessions
  • Experienced technician
  • Reasonable prices
  • All work guaranteed
  • Open 7 days

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